Charleston Engagement Session - Joey Steyne & Lauren Lacomba
Mr. & Mrs. Slagle - Spring Wedding at Southern Oaks
Lifestyle Session - Carolina & Rigsbee Sanders
Christmastime in the City - Itinerary for a New York City Trip (with a bonus day trip to Philly)
New York City Proposal - Joey Steyne & Lauren Lacomba
Fall Session - Zach & Michaela Gayden
Mid-Carolina High School Senior - Emily Terry
Mr. & Mrs. McKettrick - Intimate Wedding in South Carolina
Mr. & Mrs. Fowler - North Carolina Mountain Wedding at The Fields of Blackberry Cove
Mr. & Mrs. Ray - Fall Wedding at Pine Knoll Farms
Fall Bridal Portraits - Jenni Austin
Late Summer Bridal Portraits at Old Sheldon Church Ruins - Amber Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Huggins - Late Summer Wedding in Lexington, South Carolina
Spring Bridal Portraits - Madison Reke