Spring Bridal Portraits - Madison Reke

You know those people who are just a joy to be around? Yeah, Madison is one of those people! I'm elated that I finally get to share these bridal portraits with y'all because that means that Jared and Madison have finally tied the knot!

Months ago, we scheduled Madison's bridal portraits for May, which just happened to be the month that the weather was entirely bi-polar - it would be sunny one minute and pour the next. Originally, we were supposed to photograph Madison's bridal portraits in Charleston, but the weather wasn't looking promising. Madison and I talked the morning of her shoot and decided to do her bridals locally because of the potential rain. Thankfully the Corley Mill House and Gardens was available, and it was perfect for us! Changing not only locations but entire cities would stress most people out, but Madison was in the best of spirits.

"Always praisin', always dancin'." 

I constantly joke that Madison's veil gives Meghan Markle's a run for its money. 

Spending the afternoon with Madison, her maid of honor, and her mom was wonderful. We even got dinner afterwards, which was just the icing on the cake. From the proposal, to the bridal portraits, and now the wedding, I'm thankful that I've gotten to be a part of Madison and Jared's wedding journey.

Special thanks to the Corley Mill House and Gardens for making these bridal portraits possible. Thank you Jo-Lin's Bridal for making Madison look like a princess.