Lifestyle Session - Dominick Family

I often get asked exactly what all does lifestyle photography entail - lifestyle photography is where I come into my client’s home and capture some of the real life moments. I typically hang out with the kids for a bit and capture them and their personalities, and then take some photos of the entire family on the porch swing, laying on a blanket, etc. When I photographed the Dominick family, it was almost Liam’s first birthday, so of course we did a few cake smash photos as well.

Me: Olivia, what’s your favorite food? Olivia: Uhhh…cotton candy!

Shortly after, I found out that Olivia’s never even had cotton candy. She’s a hoot!

Since it was October, Kim thought it would be extra special to do a pumpkin smash instead of a traditional cake smash for Liam’s birthday. Look at this cute little redhead!

And of course, I had to take a few of just Henry and Kim too. After all, it’ll just be them when the kids grow up and move out!

Lifestyle sessions are some of my favorite! I especially love doing them when there are little kids involved because they’re typically more natural when they’re in the comfort of their own home. I’m so glad I got to photograph the Dominick family, and I’m extra thankful to be photographing locally too!