Lifestyle Session - Carolina & Rigsbee Sanders

There’s something special about when a couple allows me to come into their home and photograph interactions between them and the intimate details of their lives.

When I first talked to Carolina about their session, we were trying to decide on whether to do a regular outdoor session or do a lifestyle session in their new home; I’m glad we went with the latter! I showed up to their house and was immediately met with a smile and offered a cup of coffee. This is totally my ideal Saturday morning.

Carolina and Rigsbee are my kind of gamers.

Documentation of what it’s actually like living with a cat.

Me: Okay, so how do y’all naturally sit on the couch?


He likes his coffee black. She likes hers with a little vanilla cream.

I’m thinking about hiring Carolina to come decorate my home. Her day job could still be teaching, but I think that on the weekends, she should seriously consider being an interior designer.

I wouldn’t classify myself as a cat person, but Pine is awfully cute.

I adore doing in-home lifestyle sessions, and I especially love doing them with married couples who are in between the newlywed and kid phase. There’s something extra special about having your photos taken within your own home, and an in-home session not only allows for me to capture you, but it also allows for me to capture your safe haven and help you remember the moments you cherish outside of the busyness of life.