New York City Proposal - Joey Steyne & Lauren Lacomba

I’m so excited to share Joey & Lauren’s proposal story today on the blog!

For over a year, my mom, sister, my brother’s girlfriend Lauren, and I had been planning a trip to go to NYC. We decided to go the week before Christmas - there’s just something special about touring the city when it’s all decorated! About two and and half months prior to the trip, my brother, Joey, called me and told me he was going to surprise Lauren and propose to her while we were in New York.

We had already planned a good amount of the trip, but we hadn’t decided if we wanted to go to the Top of the Rock or if we wanted to tour the Empire State Building. We made Lauren decide because ultimately, that was where Joey was going to ask the question…except she didn’t know that.

We planned it all out: Nicole changed Joey’s name to “Brent” (her husband) in her phone, Joey and I shared our locations so that we could track each other, he purchased his plane tickets, and we solidified the time we would be on the observation deck. It was all falling into place.

On Monday, we four ladies headed to the airport and made our way into the city. Tuesday was the big day. We toured two museums and then headed to Rockefeller Center. Joey rode the elevator up a little before we did and waited for us to make it to the observation deck. As soon as Lauren was outside and looking out over the city, he walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder.


She was surprised and had no idea he was going to propose. Operation Giving-of-the-Rock-on-Top-of-the-Rock was a success!

Shoutout to my mom, sister, and Joey for all being so flexible with time because this skyline is perfect!


The following morning, we did a mini-engagement session. Our Airbnb was in Harlem, just north of Central Park, so we were definitely in the more “residential" part of New York. It was just after rush hour when we started shooting, so there were very few people around which was extra nice! I borderline felt like a local, except I’m sure my accent gave me away haha.

The temperature was close to freezing when we took these photos, but you would never know (outside of the clothing) because they were troopers! I actually had to edit their breath out of a few of the photos.

I loved getting to photograph in New York City! There’s just something nice about a difference in pace and scenery.

This is one of my favorite photographs I’ve ever taken.


Yeah… he did good!

Right after we finished taking their photos, Joey hopped on one subway to head to the airport, and Lauren and I hopped on another to head to Times Square. Just like that, the trip was back to it’s previously scheduled activities. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, ate lunch in Chelsea, toured the city, and finished with pizza for dinner and cup of gelato. The following morning, we took the train down to Philly and finished our trip by visiting family and eating some Philly Cheesesteaks.

A New York City proposal at Christmas time is pretty much one of the most romantic things, and I’m just glad that my camera and I got to be a part of it!

In a few weeks, I’ll be sharing Joey & Lauren’s actual engagement session from Charleston, so make sure to check back. Also, I’m thinking about doing another blog post of just our trip’s itinerary. If you’d be interested in that, will you comment and let me know?

One last thing, if you’re reading this, and you happen to be from NYC or just anywhere outside of South Carolina, please know that I do travel to photograph proposals, engagements, and weddings! I loving getting to experience and to photograph new places!