Fall Bridal Portraits - Jenni Austin

You might remember this beautiful lady from her engagement pictures. A quick recap if you don’t - the morning of Jenni and TK’s session was so cold and rainy and we talked about rescheduling. Well, we ended up going for it and the sun came out just in time (if you want to read about their engagement session, click here). The morning of Jenni’s bridal portraits was just the same. Not cold, but dark and rainy. We decided to shoot regardless, and I’m so thankful that we did because the light was beautiful and the sun came out for us again! I love her fairy dress and that she made her own bouquet and flower crown.

I just love how Jenni’s entire face lights up when she smiles!

I’m always a huge advocate for having bridal portraits taken because it gives you a run through with your hair and makeup, allows for you to get more comfortable moving in your dress, and it also gives me, the photographer, more creative freedom. Another plus is - more time. Jenni & TK’s wedding day was beautiful but it was raining and freezing and we didn’t get to spend as much time taking detail photos of the dress, ring, her hair, etc. as I would’ve liked. Doing bridal portraits allows for a little extra time to insure that those photos get taken!

Also, I love it when the mom of the bride comes along! It’s a special moment, and of course I’m going to snap a photo.

Jenni & TK’s wedding will be on the blog soon, I promise, so please check back here soon!