Mr. & Mrs. Puffenbarger - Early Spring Wedding at 701 Whaley


Introducing the new Mr. & Mrs.

Together with USC Love Story, I had the wonderful privilege of photographing Chris and Lauren's wedding at 701 Whaley back in the spring. From the moment I met Chris and Lauren, I knew that photographing their wedding would be joy. They're positive, easy going, absolutely in love with each other, and Lauren's laugh is one of the best you'll ever hear.


The morning of their wedding, it was raining, and I was a little bummed. 701 has beautiful window light and the alley between the buildings that is full of old brick (a personal fave), and I knew the rain would throw a little wrench into the plans. Regardless, I was ready to make the best of it all, and what do you know, it stopped raining just before my assistant and I arrived to the venue! 


Lauren works at the University of South Carolina, and Chris works at Blue Cross Blue Shield. They met each other forever ago and then recently reconnected and the sparks began to fly. They got engaged and shortly afterwards, they experienced a house fire, literally losing everything. The opportunity arose for them to apply to win a wedding through USC's Love Story and long story short, they were the lucky winners!


Their ceremony and reception were perfectly them - moments of sharing memories, coming together in unity, good food, tons of dancing, and Cocky even made an appearance, which was the best! I loved watching Lauren not only dance with her dad and step-dad but also her son, Jamison. Their relationship is something special, and I hope that if I ever have a son, we'll have a relationship like their's. Also, Chris's mom is the sweetest lady ever. She even invited me to come over and spend time with her *tears*.

I wish only the best for Chris and Lauren and the entire Welchenbarger clan. Chris and Lauren, THANK YOU! Thank you for being wonderful people and glorious clients to work with; thank you for allowing me to capture one of the best days of y'all's life.


Special thanks to Lauren Lacomba for being my assistant! And thank you to all the other vendors who made this wedding possible: 701 Whaley | Craig Reagin Clothiers | Jo-Lin's Bridal & Formal | American Floral | Bonnie Brunt Cakes | David's Fine Jewelry | Blue Marlin | Heart of Ice Sculptures | Lissabeth Beauty | Bridal DJs | ApexGraphixs