Fall Session - Zach & Michaela Gayden

Flash back to the beginning of last summer - we were in dire need of another female leader to come to Young Life’s summer camp with us because it was me and like 13 high school girls. Cole and I knew Michaela, but we didn’t know her know her. We were desperate to find another leader, and we knew Michaela loved Jesus and students, which is pretty much the only qualifications you need to be a Young Life leader. One afternoon, Cole met up with Michaela and pitched the idea of her coming to camp. she said she was available and that she was up for the challenge. We basically threw her to the wolves, and she exceeded every expectation I had. she actually finished her leader training after we came home from camp lol. I’m so thankful that Cole reached out to her because I absolutely love leading with her now, and I’ve loved getting to know her and Zach more!

Just like Cole and myself, Zach and Michaela are Newberry transplants. Zach grew up in a different part of the state, and Michaela is from California. Zach is a Marine, and Michaela is a special education teacher at Newberry Middle School. They’re both the definition of a “servant,” and I really only have good things to say about them.

We started their session in downtown Newberry. I love photographing downtown because one, the architecture is really nice and two, you can basically shoot in the street, and people will just drive around you. Perks of a small town.

I think I may have a new favorite session type - married couples. And this late afternoon light is so dreamy.

Y’all know I’m a nerd when it comes to architecture. I especially love homes with character and a front porch large enough to do some rocking chair sitting’ on. I really wish I could show you the inside of the Gayden’s home. It’s this almost Victorian Farmhouse style that is all Americana. It’s beautiful, and I need Michaela to decorate the inside of my home.

After a little outfit change, we headed to the farm to run around with the dogs and watch the sunset. I photograph on the farm any chance I get. I love this land so much and affectionately call it, “God’s land” because it’s absolutely stunning!

“Tori, can we bring our dogs to our session?”


C’mon, look at these cuties!

Zach and Michaela’s session is one of my all time favorites. Everything about their session was good for my heart and soul. They’re such sweet friends, and I know it’s cheesy, but I really am blessed beyond measure.

P.S. this is week 7 of consistent blog posts! How long does it take for a habit to be established?