Mid-Carolina High School Senior - Emily Terry

Now that the weather is warming up, I’ve got a few senior sessions coming up, and I’d love to get a few more on the calendar! Senior sessions offer a nice break between the chaos of weddings, and I also just love hanging out with high school and college students (I like to think that they keep me young).

I’m still catching up on my blog posts from last fall season because quite frankly, it’s a miracle that I’m still sane (watch my “The Chair” highlight on Instagram if you really want to know), and I got my galleries delivered. If you’ve been following me on social media for a while, you’ve seen a fair share of Emily’s session already, but I really wanted to blog it anyway!

I only wish I looked and dressed this cute when I was a senior in high school.

I always have to snap one or two with mom aka jlong.

I met Emily about 2 years ago when we started Young Life at her high school. She’s been a regular who I’ve come to love! I’ve enjoyed all of our coffee and donut dates - talking about home life, school, friends, and everything in between. She’s one in a million, and I cherish her friendship! This fall, Emily’s headed to her dream school, College of Charleston, and even though I’ll miss having her around, it gives me an excuse to drive down to one of my favorite places and spend the afternoon with her!