Mr. & Mrs. McKettrick - Intimate Wedding in South Carolina

This past fall, I paid close attention to when the leaves changed and learned that our fall colors in South Carolina are at their peak the first part of November until Thanksgiving. Shaun and Tasia got married on November 11, so the fall leaves were showing out.

Tasia and I have been friends for a long time - we used to work together at Chick-fil-A. When she met Shaun, I knew she was extra smitten by him, and now I’m getting to share their wedding day with y’all!

Walking to the ceremony, there were these cute signs along the path that shared milestones of Shaun and Tasia’s relationship. Their ceremony site was stylistically boho and was very intimate and cozy.

While waiting for the ceremony to start, Shaun provided some entertainment that I of course had to share with y’all.

As Tasia walked over the bridge and down the aisle with her dad, tears filled my eyes. Everything about this moment was sweet and tender; it was one of the prettiest moments I’ve gotten to be a part of and photograph.


Shaun doesn’t strike me as a very emotional guy, but he was definitely filled with emotion as Tasia was walking towards him.

Dear every mother-of-the-bride: if you cry, I’ll cry.

Some photographers hate sun flares, but I just had to embrace them on this particular day. Looking at these photographs, I think the sun flares add more artistry to the photographs! I really like how they look.

After sharing their vows and a sweet kiss, Shaun and Tasia were finally hitched!

Recently, I’ve enjoyed getting an additional kissing shot after my couples have walked up the majority of the aisle. I love how this shot offers a different perspective.


After the ceremony is finished, I always get at least one traditional shot of the couple at the altar, but of course, I have to let my clients also be themselves.

When I sat down with Shaun and Tasia to plan out their timeline, they were very vocal about being conscious of the lighting. I really appreciate that they planned their whole wedding day around the best lighting and trusted my guidance. I mean, look at this light!!

One of my favorite photographs ever! I may print it on a canvas and hang it in my office!

For late fall and winter weddings, I’m all for fur wraps; they just look so good! The fur wrap that Tasia wore was actually her grandma’s. And see what I mean about November and fall colors? This tree was gorgeous!

After Cole and I ate dinner alone at our own wedding, I always suggest the same to my bride and grooms. It’s the first meal that you get to eat together as husband and wife. It’s intimate, allows for a breather and time to reflect, and you actually get to eat!

Look at how cute their cake toppers are! Tasia actually handmade them, and their wedding cake was homemade too.

This wedding was by far one of my favorites to date. It wasn’t flashy but instead raw and intimate. Things were put together intentionally and most things were homemade. Instead of asking for gifts, Shaun and Tasia just wanted their closest friends to come and celebrate with them. They even made a special cake for one of their guests who was celebrating their own anniversary. These people are gold!

You may have noticed that I didn’t share any flat lay photos of the invitation, rings, and flowers, and that I didn’t share any photos of the bride and groom getting ready or people dancing at their reception. I didn’t share any of these photos because I didn’t take any of those photos. Shaun and Tasia had a tight budget for their wedding, but they wanted their day professional photographed. When Tasia inquired, she told me that she just wanted her favorite moments captured - the ceremony, one family and bridal party portrait taken, photos of her and Shaun alone, and then their first dance. I created a special package for them because I know the importance of having your wedding photographed, and y’all have no idea how wonderful it feels to know that they splurged using me!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer but don’t know if you have the money to afford 8-10 hours of coverage, inquire anyway! I always say, “those who don’t ask, shall not receive.” I enjoyed having a shorter work day, and I actually have another wedding just like this one in May! I may even start marketing myself for this kind of wedding coverage. Sure, I love being there to capture it all - the hair and makeup to the farewell exit, but I know that not every couple has the budget for all of that but still appreciates art and good wedding photos. One size doesn’t always fit everyone, and I love being flexible!