Beach Maternity Session - Brian & Karen Kryzanowski

I know I know, it’s technically fall and I’m posting a blog about a beach maternity session. I unintentionally took the summer off from blogging (more like I didn’t have the time or resources), but now that I’m back at it regularly I still wanted to share some of my favorite sessions from earlier this year. So here we are. Beach sessions in September, haha.

This spring I got to photograph Brian and Karen’s maternity photos! Brian and Karen had their babymoon (love this idea!) down in Charleston and asked if I could photograph them on the beach. Obviously I said yes, as Charleston and Folly Beach are some of my favorite places in South Carolina, but also because I love getting to photograph special moments like these. I don’t know that I would classify myself as a maternity photographer but I don’t complain when people ask me to photograph their baby bellies.

I was talking to a friend about maternity photos the other day and I was telling her that I think it’s neat to capture pregnancy. Being pregnant lasts only 40 weeks, which seems like forever when you’re pregnant (not that I have any personal experience), but in the grand scheme of things, 40 weeks is short. To put it in perspective - this year has flown by and guess what week of the year it is, it’s week 39. As a mama, you’re only pregnant for a short amount of time, and as a photographer, I get to photograph that special time that you don’t get to have back once it’s gone.

Karen was one beautiful pregnant mama.

One of my favorite photos ever.

Karen was a trooper laying in the water because it was chilly. Even little Alessa in the womb was cold and she shimmied herself as high as she could underneath Karen’s ribs so that she could stay warm. How neat is that!? I think pregnancy is incredible!

Brian & Karen, thanks again for letting me take your maternity photos! I had a wonderful time getting to spend the evening with y’all. P.S. Alessa is adorable!