Charleston Engagement Session - Joey Steyne & Lauren Lacomba

I was so excited when Joey and Lauren said they wanted to make a day out of their engagement session in Charleston. Traveling for photography is a passion of mine, and I always love taking more time to get to know my clients, especially when they’re my brother and my future sister-in-law, haha. Their love story is one I’ve gotten to watch up close and personal for years, so it’s special to me that I get to capture this part of their story.

Cole tagged along and we made the drive to the Holy City. We parked on a random street and immediately got shooting because Charleston is obviously beautiful on every corner.

Charleston was made for photography sessions. I mean, just look at this driveway!

Lauren’s an enneagram type one (she would be totally okay with me telling you that), so she’s organized to say the least. As a result, she had every outfit picked out in detail for our day. I always recommend at least one outfit change that makes the look either more casual or more dressy. I love that Joey and Lauren started in classy southern attire and dressed it down throughout the day.

*Cue cutesy running across a non-busy street photo op*

Once we got to White Point Garden, the wind reallllly picked up. But Joey and Lauren were champs and embraced it. They decided to take some photos here because they’ve been coming to Charleston every year for their anniversary and spending time at the Battery. One year they even got to assist me in setting up a proposal for one of my lovely couples that got married last August! White Point Garden is a special place to say the least.

Next we headed to Morris Island on Folly Beach. Morris Island is a place that i adore, and it’s also a place that is significant in Joey and Lauren’s relationship. They wanted to have photos taken at meaningful and intentional places, which I love.

Gosh, I can’t wait for them to finally be married!! If you’re at the wedding, I’ll be the girl holding the camera and crying at the same time.

After these last few photos on the beach we headed to a fabulous restaurant on Folly called Loggerhead’s, a southern place with a Philly twist. The meal was a delicious end to a wonderful day.

Not only did I enjoy taking photos of Joey and Lauren, I enjoyed spending time with family. Being family with some of my greatest friends is priceless. Joey and Lauren, only 87 more days!