Fall Session - Alex & Hailey Carpenter


Alex and Hailey and their two rooing ladies. It's kinda catchy ain't it?


For my birthday, I decided to give a session away to one lucky winner on Instagram. Dozens of people entered, but Hailey was the lucky winner. I called Hailey after I announced the winner, and we literally talked on the phone for 30+ minutes. I was so excited that she and Alex won because it meant that I got a chance to see an old friend! Hailey and I went to high school together, but after attending different colleges and now living in different cities, we rarely see each other. We scheduled their session on Black Friday, and after my early morning shopping (yes, I'm one of those), I drove up to Rock Hill and spent the evening with them and their two pups.


After our session, we went to dinner together, and it was so sweet for my heart. I got to catch up with Hailey and learn more about what Alex does for a living. I loved getting to chat about living in new cities as newlyweds, marriage, family life, and work. It was an evening filled with beautiful fall colors, laughter, good food, friends, and pups... yes, all the things I love.